Swissmar Borner Mandoline Slicer

Swissmar Borner V-1001 V-Slicer Plus Mandoline 5 Piece Set: Cook’s Illustrated

Preparing food aficionados are commonly seeking easy ways to boost their game both flavor and looks-wise. Regardless of whether you are actually not a significant preparing food fanatic, vitalizing a food every now, and then is actually a nice way to maintain an energetic home.

Mandoline slicers are 1 of the greatest kitchen area appliances that may help improve the high quality of our food and include that special touch that defines restaurant-quality dishes all at once. The Swissmar Borner V 1001 V Slicer Plus Mandoline 5 Piece Sets is one of the very best in its own training class, and it gives a big collection of components that make it a well-rounded winner.

Certainly not only does it include a flexible style, but this slicer is actually manufactured making use of surgical-grade steel and also tough plastic. This implies that the Swissmar Borner V-1001 will certainly possess an exceptional functionality every single time you use it.

As if functionality and also sturdiness were not enough, this mandoline is furnished with a variety of devices that enable you to readjust its own functions as well as to stash it conveniently. This produces the Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline Slicer a fantastic selection for properties of all sizes.

About The Swissmar Borner Swissmar Borner V 1001 V Slicer

The mandoline Borner line has been actually running for greater than 60 years and also they have actually been building top notch kitchen extras given that the 1950s. The mandoline V-Slicer Plus is actually a testament to their high quality and longevity as it is known for being 1 of the best mandolines slicer offered today.

This ingenious slicer is made of high quality stainless steel as well as BPA-free plastic. Its own concept allows you to transform cutter inserts, and also it happens geared up with 4 unique possibilities coming from the bundle. The user’s manual features all details on just how to function all functions properly.

You can incorporate as well as remove inserts to transform the fullness of your slice, enabling you to select between julienning and cutting.

The palm protection incorporates a good safety and security preventative measure that prevents any type of possible mishaps or even traumas, totally protecting your hands for a more secure expertise.

As for storage, the Swissmar Borner mandoline can be flat-packed for easy storing and transit. It includes an insert owner to house the added blades and locking clip for safe and secure storing.

The collapsible lower legs inspirit the mandoline to an useful slant, as well as the slip proof rubber deals with prevent it coming from moving when in operation. This mandoline slicer features a neutral, ambidextrous concept that makes it ideal for all people.

Considering that it’s made in Germany, this mandoline abides by the greatest quality specification, making use of surgical-grade steel to produce the cutters. These keen cutters prepared to utilize straight out of the package and also are actually positioned at the excellent position.

The ergonomic palm protector allows you to run the Swissmar Borner easily as well as properly, while its own flexible concept permits you cubes, scrap, piece, julienne, chop, and also so much more. The food items holder sits beneath the cutters, therefore you won’t need to discover a special plate either.

They are actually mainly utilized for fruit products as well as vegetables, these flexible devices can be made use of to roots, cut cheeses, and also cold meats. It may help you prepare complex meals as well as bakes evenly, increasing flavor also and cooking time while at it.

The primary complication along with devices that could be used with numerous substances is actually that they get incredibly unclean. The Swissmar delivers a great option that is actually quick and easy to dishwasher friendly and well maintained, so you can wash it along with the remainder of your meals.

The Swissmar Borner Mandoline Slicer additionally adds a contact of appeal to your foods by equally reducing all the substances, eventually aiding your discussion. You can likewise obtain different appearances as well as forms, offering your food items that unique look that is actually standard of a great food.

Being exceptionally useful and also extremely versatile, the V-Slicer Plus does not take up a whole lot of counter area even when extended. You can select to leave it out and give your kitchen a contemporary appearance or even fold it up and also simply keep it concealed.

What Others Had To Say

Due to the fact that it’s a strong as well as healthy mandoline, there are actually various online customer reviews applauding the V-Slicer Plus. A lot of evaluators extolled the several recipes that they prepared utilizing this slicer and duplicated just how promptly and effortlessly it sliced by means of substances.

Others additionally highlighted the fact that the density adjustment system was quick and easy and fast to use it, allowing you to pick from different setups rapidly. Yet another great aspect is actually that the Swissmar Borner Slicer was actually designed along with protection in thoughts, so you do not even must touch the blade when modifying inserts.

The V-Slicer Plus additionally received a lot of favors because it’s tiny, occupies really little bit of counter top room, and also may be folded and stashed with a lot ease. It is actually dishwasher risk-free and also demands marginal disassembly for you to put it along with the remainder of your foods.

Lastly, a spectacular most of reviewers provided this  mandoline slicer a great review, along with several individuals asserting that they loved the longevity of the plastic framework as well as the blades. They said that the cutters were actually showing no indicators of getting blunt even after months of use!

Even though the majority of the testimonials debriefed yet excellent things about the V Slicer Plus, there were some unfavorable encounters being shared too. Some asserted that their units appeared inadequate, skipping the plastic feet and other important parts.

Others additionally pointed out that it the rubber was actually flimsy which it is actually not suited for larger meals. Extra to this, various other customers likewise claimed that their style showed up with unsharpened cutters and that it was not developed just before being sent to all of them.

A handful of various other users whined about the fact that specific veggies, such as turmeric, can easily discolor the plastic as well as completely discolor it. This, however, carried out certainly not influence its functionality whatsoever.

Our Recommendation

Given that they supply the most reasonable price starting at simply under $60, the finest area to buy our V-Slicer Plus is actually by means of Amazon. This also includes free delivery, thus you can easily possess it supplied right to your residence or office.

Final Verdict

With a pretty affordable price tag as well as adding add-ons included in the plan, the Swissmar Borner Slicer delivers a wonderful selection for all residences. Along with surgical-grade steel blades as well as different protection features, it has made our stamp of approval as 1 of the most effective in its class.

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