The Proctor Silex portable/ small slow cooker model 33116Y makes cooking for an entire family a snap. Slow cooking is as simple as dumping all the ingredients in and forgetting about them until it’s time to eat. A product such as this one has the best of all worlds; its inexpensive, well made and just the right product to get the job done.

If you need dinner made that will taste delicious, please the entire family and take little to no effort, then you will be happy that you bought the Proctor Silex slow cooker.

Proctor Silex 33116Y Portable Oval Slow Cooker Review


This model of Proctor Silex slow cooker is 1.5 quarts. This means that it is large enough to make food for a party or to feed an entire family with some leftovers. The 1.5 quart oval made of stoneware that you place the food in can be removed.


The lid as well as the removable stoneware where you place the food are both dishwasher safe which makes clean up a snap. This slow cooker has multiple options depending on how quickly you need your food made as well as a keep warm setting which allows you to keep food at serving temperature so that it doesn’t get cold but also doesn’t overcook. It comes with strap for the lid so that you can travel with the slow cooker full and not spill which makes it the perfect thing to bring food to a party or event in. Buy one to bring to your next party today!

Ease Of Use

Because this slow cooker is 1.5 quarts, it allows you to make the perfect portions for dips, desserts, or small meals to feed your family with a bit left over. It is very easy to use and because the machine is not automatic, you won’t run the risk of burning your food.


The cord length is also a great thing. It isn’t so short that it makes use difficult but also isn’t too long so that it gets in the way of things on your counter while you’re using this slow cooker. The slow cooker feels as if it was well made; the knob is thick and doesn’t feel tinny when turned and it comfortably sits on each setting.

Another bonus to this machine is the indicator light. It is nice to be able to tell if the machine is on and heating your food just by looking at it because having to touch a hot machine can prove to be dangerous.


This product has a limited lifetime warranty which covers any and all normal wear and tear.


All in all, this is an excellent little slow cooker for the price. It is the perfect size, craftsmanship and cost!

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