The Crock Pot Hook up connectable entertaining system is the perfect serving unit for buffets, parties, family gatherings and cookouts. This crock pot model is designed to keep hot foods warm and it can be used to cook up some tasty dishes. One of the best features of the Hook Up Crock Pot is its ability to be used interchangeably with other units. Hosts can serve a variety of dishes all at once.

Serving Capacity and Size

Users will have the double serving capacity with this crock-pot unit. There are two 1 qt. serving crocks that are perfect for a wide variety of appetizers, sauces and finger food. The double serving quart units provide cooks with more than enough serving and cooking capacity to satisfy at least 6 people.

If a person has more family members and guests to serve than the unit can be intertwined with other Hook Up connectable units to accommodate them. As a matter of fact, once the connectable crock pots have been joined together they can be used to serve at least 25 people or more. The connectable crock pot has a base size with the dimensions of 10.2 x 13.9 x 16.9 inches and it weighs a little over 9 pounds.

The Connectable Crock Pot is Easy of Use

One of the best features of the Connectable Crock Pot is its ability to be assembled with other units. A person can literally cook a full course meal with the connected units. Foods such as chicken wings, spaghetti sauces, cheese dips and finger foods. The controls on the crock pot are easy to understand and to operate.

The Crock Pots Features

Users can use the retractable connecting outlet to place their units at different locations around a cooking area. The unit has a high, low and warm setting and it can also be stacked with other Hook Up Crock Pot units for easy storage. The crock serving pots are dishwasher safe but the heating base unit is not. However, it can be easily wiped down for cleaning. The unit also has removable lids and comes in five colors which include orange, blue, red, green and black.


This unit is also sold with a warranty. If a customer purchases a used model they could purchase an in-store warranty that is offered by some retail outlets. Many customers who have purchased this model find it useful for serving guests and entertaining company. They really enjoy the interchangeable flexibility that it provides for them. Cooking food on the fly is another great benefit that consumers enjoy. The Crock Pot Hook up Connectable Entertaining System should definitely be purchased by people who entertain family and guests on a regular basis.

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