Cast Iron Panini Press Instructions: How to Make the Best Sandwiches

If you love hearty and delicious sandwiches, you know that it takes more than just bread and add-ons; it depends on the tool used as well. Compared to the rest of appliances or cookware, a cast iron Panini press has been proved to be that particular one which makes the best sandwiches. At the same time, the task doesn’t end at buying the best cookware, so you have to stretch further by learning how to use them.


The challenge has always been that some pieces don’t come with instructions at the time of purchase which could make it difficult knowing the Dos and Don’ts. For those wondering how to go about it, here are some cast iron Panini press instructions for a great start:   

A Simple Guide on How to Make the Best Sandwiches with Cast Iron Panini Press

  • Preheat

The only magic with the press is that it helps heat the sandwich from both sides, but then this can only be possible if you preheat both the pan and the press. Unlike the tradition, this process helps save you from having to flip the sandwich in order to have the other side of the bread cooked as well.

If you’re lucky to have both with the same construction, they should evenly get hot when you preheat them simultaneously over medium heat. However, if you only have the pressing lid and is using a pan with different qualities, you have to calculate the heating time correctly so that one piece doesn’t get hotter that the other.

  • Grease The Bread

There has been questions on where exactly to place the layer of melted butter or oil when you want to make sandwiches. One, you can apply some oil on the bottom pan after preheating, then proceed to do the same to the pressing lid so that both sides of the bread are covered.

However, the best way to do it is by brushing one side of the bread, placing it on the pan, then proceeding to the upper side before covering it with the press. It’s more effective because ideally, your pans will have been pre-seasoned, giving minimal room for the bread to stick or get burnt. It’s also safer than the first option because oiling pans that are already hot can be quite a risk.

  • Don’t Forget the Cheese

The reason why sandwiches are considered versatile is arguable from the fact that the filings, add-ons or toppings to use are open. However, there’s one thing that you don’t want to exclude; it’s cheese! This is too obvious, though optional, but it’s key for keeping the sandwich in shape.

With the pressure the bread will be subjected to, you really need something that will hold your ingredients together so that you don’t have them pushed out. So after putting everything on the sturdy bread, just add some cheese as the final topping.

  • Monitor the Sandwich

You might have followed all the instructions to the latter, but then if you don’t check on the pieces, it could all get ruined. The duration it takes varies depending on how you prefer your sandwiches made, that is, how crispy or soft it should be when it lands on your plate. At the same time, it’s also guided by the type of fillings you used because there are those varieties which can’t stand pressing for long, let alone prolonged heat.

  • Clean Properly

You can’t miss out on this because apart from improving durability, it’s also great for ensuring that the sandwiches being made are hygienic. Now here is the argument: Today there’s more you can do with the best cast iron Panini press than just making sandwiches. After you’re done with the bread, you can also use it to grill all your meats and vegetables and with such flexibility, it could get greasy.

When you don’t clean the pan before making a different dish, you’ll be certainly exposing your food to dirt. Actually, the best procedure is to clean after every use, season the surfaces then proceed to store it. That way, you’ll only need to give it a quick wipe the next time you want to fix something for yourself.

How To: Make Panini


Cast iron Panini press and pans can last a lifetime, but only if you follow these cast iron Panini press instructions. Once you add this fancy piece to your kitchen, make sure you explore the versatility that comes with it so that you get the best out of your investment. After going through our list of cast iron Panini press instructions, you can also feel free to add some of those hacks you use to make the best sandwiches.

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