Best Sonic/ Nugget Ice Makers of 2021

Summer is in the air – and you know what’s the best thing to do now? Grab a cub of cold drink – for sure! Unless you are constantly struggling with throat soreness, there’s no reason not to reject a cup of iced drink, especially considering the heat out there. And if you want, don’t deny yourself the chance of chewing ice – I swear, you’ll love it!

Recent advances in technology has given rise to the mass availability of ice makers – many of which deliver amazingly satisfactory results, while still very affordable for most users. Today, we will have a look at some of the best sonic/ nugget ice makers – along with some useful tips on buying and using one. Ready to find out? Le’ts read on!

What is Nugget Ice?

First things first, what is nugget ice (or pellet/sonic as some people call) – and why are we so obsessed with it? Nugget ice is produced by shaving down sheet of ice into tiny fragments, and then compressing these pieces to create nugget-shaped cubes. During this process, pockets of air are created within the ice pellet – which is the reason why this type of ice is really chewable.

One problem with traditional cubed ice is that it is not a very good choice for chewing – considering how hard it is. Nugget ice deals with this drawback perfectly – while still providing a reliable method to “cool” down in an outrageously scorching summer day.

Reviews of Nugget Ice Makers

Now that we’ve got clear about the topic, let’s get straight to the point: the review section.

1. GE Profile Countertop Nugget Maker

GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

GE Profile Countertop Nugget Maker is the perfect “companion” for fans of sodas, cocktails and similar beverages. The whole thing is so large that it is capable of producing 3 times more ice than traditional ice makers. Despite its spacious size, do not worry too much about it being difficult to move around – for it is definitely not!

Operating on a 120V power input, GE Nugget Ice maker is capable of producing ice within as quickly as 20 minutes – no longer do you have to endure the heat for the whole day! Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth feature, you are now able to conveniently operate it hands-free – as long as your smartphone is by your side.


Spacious side tank for unmatched efficiency – while still retaining portability.

Great ice-making capacity.

Bluetooth connectivity for maximum convenience.

No need for water hookup.

Elegant design.


A little pricey.

Does make a bit of a noise.

2. Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Counter top Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Counter top Portable

Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Counter top Ice Maker is even more efficient than GE in terms of efficiency – within just 6 minutes, it should finish producing ice for you to quench your thirst immediately. Setting it up is pretty simple – with an average weight of 26lbs, most users shouldn’t have any problem getting it out of the box. Thanks to the compact and stylish design, the product should effortlessly blend in with everything in your room – as well as make you feel proud whenever people visit you.

The ice maker’s window is transparent; hence, you may peek through it and monitor the progress of ice making inside. In addition, it comes with an ice shovel – which should lift your user experience to a completely new level. For household parties and even camping trips, Frigidaire EFIC108-SILVER Counter top Ice Maker is there to make you enjoy life at its fullest!


Compact design.

Amazing ice-making capacity.

Stylish appearance that blends in with almost any room.

Easy to set up.

Full warranty policy.


Can only produce 10 cubes of ice at a time.

3. NewAir Stainless Steel Nugget Ice Maker

Some have jokingly referred to this as the “Holy Grail” of ice makers – and I’m not here to debate that. However, I do admit that this one definitely deserves a special spot in the best sonic/ nugget ice maker list. First of all, in terms of ice making capacity, the threshold is 12 minutes – not quite as good as Frigidaire, but still very desirable to many. Not to mention, there’s an insulated area in the ice maker, which acts to store ice in case you are not in need of it yet. As soon as ice starts melting, water will then travel back to the interior to be frozen in the next round.

NewAir ice maker is made from stainless steel, which massively prolongs the product’s lifespan – as well as retains its beauty for a while. Thanks to its compact design, the ice maker can be easily placed under the kitchen counter. Last but not least, it is capable of self-cleaning, thereby saving you a lot of time and allowing you to enjoy the day.


Making ice fast.


Compact design.

Stainless steel, BPA-free material.

Self-cleaning feature.


A little bit noisy.

4. Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 115V Stainless Steel Ice Machine

The first thing that you’ll notice about this ice maker is its sleek design – which not only makes it look attractive, but also allows you to place it in room with less space. However, what really stands out – and what the manufacturer often boasts about – is the Pearl Pure Ice function. This ensures that ice produced is completely free from annoying odor and harmful bacteria.

Operating on a 115V input setting, Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 is pretty quiet and does not cost too much energy. Its 22-pound capacity – in combination with its efficient operation – allows you to produce up to 85lbs of ice every day. If you have no need for cold drinks yet, just store the ice inside the machine.


Sleek design.

Can be placed anywhere.

Stainless steel material.

Quiet operation.

Good ice-making speed.

1-year warranty.


No deflector tray to prevent ice from falling to the floor.

The door is a little bit flimsy.

5. Scotsman N0622A-1 Stainless Steel  115V Nugget Ice Maker

Scotsman N0622A-1 is designed with a system of automatic LED lights – which will signal you as soon as the machine changes its operating status. As a result, you should know when it’s time to clean, descale the product. What’s more, the panels are detachable, so you can easily get deep into the interior parts and clean them with ease. This should allow you to extend the product’s lifespan much more significantly.

Aside from the panels, the air filter is also removable; hence, there should not be any reason to worry about dirt and unclean air getting trapped inside the machine. With Scotsman N0622A-1, you are now capable of producing up to 643lbs of nugget ice within 24 hours. Thanks to the Smart-board and Vari-Smart features, operation is pretty simple – and you may program the machine to produce ice for up to 7 days before. Such convenience!


Stainless steel.

Auto alert LED lights.

Easy maintenance.

Simple operation.

Vari-Smart function that allows for advanced programming.

Attractive warranty policy.

6. KBice Self-Dispensing Countertop Ice Maker

KBice Self-Dispensing ice maker is made from plastic – BPA-free plastic – with the front in metallic silver. As a result, the product is completely safe for both users’ health and the environment. Thanks to the self-cleaning function, maintenance should be a complete piece of cake.

With a dimension of 12 x 16 x 17.5 inches, the machine can be easily placed on the countertop at your home/office. It is capable of producing ice pretty quickly – though not as fast as many other options above. Just wait for 30 minutes, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite crunchy nugget ice. Given 24 hours, KBice ice maker is able to produce as many as 24lbs of ice.


Environmental-friendly material.

Compact design.

Good portability.

1-year warranty.


The dispenser needs to be defrosted frequently (ideally 1-3 times a day).

Takes longer than usual to produce ice.

7. FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235-AMZ Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Let’s move on to the last – but not least – pick in our best sonic/nugget ice maker list. EFIC235 is elegant-looking – and compact enough – to be place conveniently on the countertop of your office/room. Considering its impressively big and luxurious appearance, people are just going to exclaim “Wow” whenever they visit you and see this.

Within 15 minutes, Frigidaire EFIC235 should be able to produce crunchy ice that will perfectly slake your thirst on a scorching day. Its high capacity allows it to produce as many as 44lbs of ice every day – while its storage space is enough to store 3lbs if required. What’s more, the interior is melt-resistant, so as soon as ice melts, water will then go back to the reservoir to be recycled in the next round.


Countertop size.

Good ice making and storing capacity.

Great portability.

Melt-resistant interior.


The fan is noisy.

The water reservoir needs to be taken off and filled with care.

Buying guide the best Nugget Ice Makers

Before making your purchase, make sure to consider the following criteria first:

1. Ice-making speed

Obviously, no one cares for an ice maker that is just too slow – I believe you should be able to imagine how outrageous it feels to wait for hours. Overall, if the time it takes is from 6-30 minutes, the machine is worthy your consideration. The exact time will be up to you – and that’s why we need to consider other factors as well.

2. Ice making capacity

On occasions when you need to serve a large number of guests (e.g: parties, in the office), capacity is an important criterion. Approximately, an average ice maker should be able to produce 20 pounds of ice every day. Some models are capable of producing 10 times more than that – however, if you wish to go for one with a higher capacity, make sure that you are able to take advantage of that.

3. Storage capacity

Naturally, there’s no point in buying an ice maker that can produce a lot – but cannot store the ice it makes. In other words, the storage compartment must be large enough – depending on your taste. Not to mention, a larger compartment means that it will take longer for the ice to melt.

4. Energy consumption

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Unfortunately, big ice makers that produce ice quickly tend to consume quite more. If your electricity supply is not abundant (e.g: you are on a camping trip), consider going for a smaller model.


1. How often should I clean my sonic/ nugget ice maker?

For those who use their ice machine frequently, it’s recommended to clean it at least once per week. In addition, if the water you use contain more minerals, it’s better to increase the cleaning frequency. Also, don’t forget to add weak acids such as vinegar – it will significantly make cleaning much more effective.

2. Is it OK to leave the ice maker to work overnight?

It’s OK. However, why do you need to do that – considering that it only takes less than one hour to finish producing ice?


The popularity of sonic/ nugget ice is not without reason – not only does it allow you to enjoy your favorite cold drinks, but it is also extremely suitable for chewing. As summer is in the air now, you may want to consider buying an ice maker – if you do not have one yet. In that case, consider picking one from the above-mentioned models – as they are among the best sonic/ nugget ice makers available now.

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