The All-Clad 4 quart slow cooker with ceramic insert is an excellent buy. It is one of the best slow cookers in its price range. It holds 4 quarts and weighs 14.2 pounds. It dimensions are: 14″ x 12″ x 8 1/2″ and it operates on 250 watts of power. Also, it is programmable and has a digit display besides featuring three temperature settings and a countdown timer.

All-Clad SD710851 Slow Cooker with Black Ceramic Review

It automatically keeps food warm until use. It includes a ceramic insert which makes it easy to transfer to a table for serving. Many customers have thoroughly enjoyed this product. They find it incredibly useful and easy to use. Also, the clean-up is relatively easy. The lid and insert are dishwasher safe and to clean the device itself you simply wipe with a damp cloth then thoroughly dry.

The fact that it can so easily be transferred to a serving table, thanks to the ceramic insert, is incredibly convenient. You no longer have to wait for your crock pot to cool down or go through the hassle of trying to transfer your food into a serving dish. Many customers highly recommend this product and state that it truly lives up to All-Clad’s reputation of delivery high-quality and convenient products.

This crock pot will help you create wonderful meals for yourself and your family without a lot of time and effort. You simply gather the ingredients you need and place them inside the device, then wait. Then, before you know it, you have an excellent meal you will be proud to serve. I urge you to purchase one for yourself today and give it a try. As many of the customers before you, you will not be disappointed!

There are many other crock pots on the market today but many do not live up to the standards of this All-Clad slow cooker with ceramic insert. It has so many convenient product features that will make you wonder why you didn’t purchase one sooner.

It is very cheap considering what an incredible value you will be receiving. You would be hard pressed to find a crock pot of better quality within this price range. It truly is a value. If you find that you are dissatisfied with your current cooking methods or your current crock pot, again.

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